Did you know that you can buy Bitcoin (BTC) that you can place in the trading platform?

AU-4U are using a Bitcoin Trading platform to leverage the earnings of AU-4U affiliates. You will need to transfer your bitcoin or purchase some Bitcoin to take part. here is a short summary of how to purchase what you need to get going.

      1. First, you will need to create your own (or other preferred platform) account – REGISTER HERE
      2. This will require you to upload identification documents, like a passport or driver licence
      3. Then you will need to attach a valid credit card or bank account in some countries, to the account in order to buy crypto currency
      4. Once you are set up, the dashboard inside Binance can be a little confusing, so here are a few direct links to purchase Crypto
        1. Purchase Bitcoin (BTC) – CLICK HERE
        2. Purchase using VISA or P2P methods – CLICK HERE
      5. I personally prefer to use POLI or BANXA because they can transfer the funds instantly from your bank account, and are fee free.
      6. Also note that if you purchase crypto using credit cards (VISA / Mastercard) then your bank is likely to charge you fees ($12 or more!) for a cash advance, as well as interest on your cash purchase. Some banks will limit or restrict your access to Bullion or Cryptocurrency as they are outside the banking system.
      7. Once you have set up your preferred purchase amount, currency and cryptocurrency, then you will proceed to pay for your purchase.
      8. This purchase can take a bit of time, and you will likely be required to validate your Binance purchase in your account with an email they will send you. In addition, you may need to authorise from your Bank through your mobile phone or email, and / or Google Authenticator app.
      9. Finally, if the process goes smooth, then Binance will arrange to purchase your BTC from the market at the rate that you agreed at the time of purchase. This could take a little time, from 5 minutes to 10 hours. Eventually, your account will be credited with your purchase, which will appear in your dashboard
      10. The link to the Dashboard of your Binance Wallet is HERE
      11. It should look something like the image below.
      12. Once that is all set up, you will need to log into your MTI trading platform to retrieve your blockchain address. Best to start a new Browser session and leave your existing Binance session open, so that you can track the progress of your transfer. This is because you will need to enter your  BTC wallet address that you will retrieve from and put it into your account.
      13. Let us assume that you already have a account – but if not, you will need to create one.
      14. Once inside, you will need to navigate to your Wallet Section, Then ADD Funds. Click the red button to Generate Blockchain address.  This will be your wallet address to transfer BTC to for trading.
      15. Copy the long blockchain address. It will be a random set of characters and numbers about 60 or so in length. You shouldn’t expect to have to write it or type it by hand – simply copy it with Ctrl-C or highlight it and copy it, etc
      16. Next step is to head back to your account and send the BTC to your account
        1. To transfer Bitcoin (BTC) – CLICK HERE
      17. This will take you to a screen that can transfer your funds out of and into The transfer needs to use your Bitcoin wallet address that you copied in Step 16 above.
      18. When you hit Submit, this will initiate the transfer process from to
      19. You may be required to confirm the withdrawal from via email and/or Google Authenticator App (if enabled)
      20. Now, hold your breath, as the transfer process can take 10 minutes or 10 hours, or longer, depending on the trading activity around the world at the time. All going well, a normal time to transfer will be around 30 minutes. In some cases it could take around a day. You can check the process of the transaction by logging into each of your accounts at or You will receive an email from to tell you when the Bitcoin has arrived and been entered into trading.
      21. will notify you via email of the transfer being initiated and when it has left
      22. will notify you via email when the transfer has been accepted and deposited into your account. Check your Dashboard to see if the transfer has occurred.
      23. Finally, take another breath, when you have Bitcoin in your it will be automatically transferred into the trading pool.