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Gold Acquisition Strategic Plan (GASP!)

Gold Rocks is a community based education program that enables you grow wealth through the acquisition of gold.

Here’s a quick summary of how we do it, and how you can grow your wealth portfolio with us.

1. Commit

To take part in our gold acquisition strategic plan you will need access to a small amount of cash (or credit car – which ever you prefer). You will be buying physical gold which you can have shipped to you, if you choose, otherwise it is stored (for free) in the safe holding depository.

The first step is to commit to the program with regular purchases of gold. This builds your gold portfolio and enables you to have a long term asset that is yours to keep (outside of the monetary system).

We suggest either:

  1. a percentage of your income (suggest 1 – 5%)
  2. a fixed amount (suggest $20 – $50 / week or monthly)
  3. a fixed amount of gold bullion (suggest a gram of gold per week or month)

2. Streamline

There is a streamlined approach to gold acquisition that makes it very easy to set up.

We purchase gold through an Australian company, who can purchase gold in small quantities and store it in the safe. You can purchase as much or as little gold as you would like, depending on your circumstances.

We have made it easy to purchase quantities of gold through ‘multi-packs‘, which are standard cash prices of gold that you can afford, and also have incentives for higher purchase amounts.

There is also has a referral program – they provide you a commission from people that you share the gold acquisition strategic plan, and it pays in numerous ways.

3. Network

You don’t need to be a member of Gold Rocks to purchase gold – but here’s where you can accelerate your gold acquisition strategic plan.

By becoming a member of Gold Rocks you are joining the fastest growing gold and silver buying community in Australia. We do the heavy lifting for you by providing free (and paid) webinars and events, educational material and website pages, all the while enabling YOU to gain credit from your gold savings account.

When you sign up for a Gold Rocks account, all you need is one link to share with others, and you will gain the credit for your referrals.

4. Promote

Many members of our community have found it easy to promote Gold Rocks because of the wealth of information that is already stored on the website. They simply share the Gold Rocks links from their Members Dashboard and the Gold Rocks website does the rest of the work!

Login and get your Gold Rocks referral links to share with people who are genuinely interested in wealth creation.

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