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10 People Groups Interested in the Gold Rocks Business

There are many people who are looking to protect or grow their income – they usually fall into one of these groups.

With the help of the Gold Rocks community, we can assist them to guard against adverse economic circumstances as well as grow assets to protect against uncertain times.

1. Merchants

Running a business in this economic environment is a tough gig. Using the facilities as a K-Merchant, and joining the Gold Rocks community, enables businesses to grow residual income and take many forms of payment – including crypto-currencies.

2. Investors

The investor mindset looks for long term opportunities to put their money at work for them in order to create future financial gains. Gold is an excellent long term opportunity that has proven to increase in value over time.

3. MLM’ers

People in MLM type industries are looking for opportunities to build wealth through referral networks and gain exposure to rewards through referral marketing. This provides a huge leverage for all people in the business – especially when it comes to a gold backed business !

4. Crypto lovers

In the last decade the introduction of crypto-currencies has led to an explosive opportunity for people who love to associate with technology and various digital networks for financial reward.

5. Influencers

Influencers are found on many social networks with thousands or millions of followers, and are usually sponsored by companies that want them to promote a brand or product. Influencers have the opportunity of significant financial gain when they join the Gold Rocks business.

6. ‘Free Income’

Various people in our society are supported by the government in the form of pensions or student loans. Some people in these brackets are already well off, and consider these payments as ‘free income’ which is at their disposal for income growth or business. (We’re not saying that everyone in this category is well off or that they have enough money left over to do this – do not be predatory!)

7. Gambling

Gambling forms a huge financial cash flow in our society. Some people enjoy betting on the horses, poker machines, casinos and the like. For some, this business may seem like a gambling opportunity, and if it works they what the hey ! Although we do not promote gambling, and AU-4U is not a gambling business, this subset of society may view it this way.

8. Speculators

Speculators are people who like to take a punt on emerging market trends and hope that they make a profit. They don’t necessarily mind if they win or lose – they simply want to be part of something that is growing and are happy if they can take their share in the long term.

9. Solar Panel Households

Solar panels have taken off around the world as a means of reducing the cost of electricity. Households with solar panels typically need to access a few thousand dollars up front, but regain the expense back over a period of three to four years through reduced bills. Typically these households are happy to pursue opportunities that can guarantee long term financial benefits, such as the Gold Rocks business model

10. Thrifty Spenders

Thrifty spenders are careful at how they handle money, and on what they spend their money on. They will approach this business with caution and will want to check out how to make incremental acquisitions of gold to build a long term wealth portfolio.

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