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Joining As An Affiliate

To join as an Affiliate, please register to create an Affiliate account.

Note however that we are currently not paying commissions on any item from the store or for any event that is advertised. This may change at some point in the future, depending on the phase our business is in, or direction it takes.

The purpose of the Affiliate program is to assist you to promote your AU-4U business, and this is done by registering as an Affiliate of Gold Rocks Me website, and saving your AU-4U user name (and other) details into the Affiliate program.

The Gold Rocks Me website provides helpful webinar links, videos, tutorials and the like to educate people about gold and the AU-4U business.

By promoting the Gold Rocks Me website through our Affiliate program this automatically promotes your AU-4U business, granting people an opportunity to be well informed before they decide to join.

We succeed when you succeed !

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